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I am an empathetic clairvoyant and a very experienced Tarot reader. Besides Tarot I am also an IChing, Rune Stone reader. I work with Dowser and pendulum; they connect and interact with my Higher Guides for my readings. Another tool that I work with is Chinese fortune sticks, the oldest method of fortune telling in the world. I also do Reiki healing, Chakra cleansing and I am also able to see aura. I am a well-trained Life Coach too.

I act as a divine messenger, to reveal the truth and to give advice. Due to my strong intuition, I am able to give out insightful information, answer your personal challenges and relationship issues. I was born with natural intuition and blessed with a special ability. I am strong and very accurate on character compatibility. I am a Top rated psychic. My predictions come to fruition,

About Me

and predictions + time frame continuously come to pass.I have always been able to foresee and

predict things. My quality readings aredeeply insightful,thorough,precise, honest, spiritual and


My special ability is a blessing from God. I now use this gift to help clients through tough and

unpleasant times, and to regain balance and direction.

I am very pleased to provide my service in an honest and mutually respectful way. I will help you

refocus, re-energize your spirit, guide you to a higher level of awareness and give you

confidence for major decisions.

Possible outcomes, even if not in your favour, can be changed through positive attitude with

good guidance and direction given. I provide this, and I understand what challenges need to be

overcome to reach your goal.

Sometimes the truth is hard to accept but I believe it is better to be up front than to give false


Make sure you are ready to hear the truth when you come to my readings. Expect honest and

truthful readings with no fluff or sugar coating. False hope makes it even more painful and

hurtful when reality sets in.

I am thankful for everything that God has given me! I like to bring a smile and positive energy to