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I Offer Help On Topics Such as Love Relationship General reading

Birth Chart (need location and time)

Business /Career/Finance

Court case

Love relationship

Soul mate/ Twin flame


Children guidance

Break up



Healing/Chakra cleansing

Meditation guided

cards portrait

Reading Package charge (By Appointment Only) | +1 (905) 707-1129


20 minutes $40 USD ($50 CAD)
30 minutes $60 USD ($75 CAD)
45 minutes $90 USD ($112 CAD)
1 hour $120 USD ($150 CAD)
Email Reading $25 USD ($30 CAD 1 question only reply within 24 hrs)
Astrology Natal Chart or Synastry Chart Reading $80 USD ($95 CAD)

1 hour Healing/Chakra cleansing + 15 minutes Reading ($220 USD / $275 CAD)

ALL READINGS can be paid through PAYPAL or E-TRANSFER before consulting services are given.
International readings worldwide through SKYPE; an agreeable time will be arranged according to your time zone.
Date of birth required for readings about relationships. If involved with another partner, both dates of birth are required for compatibility and birth chart.

PHONE READING 1-905-707-1129

Email to to schedule the time according to your time zone. Phone # 1-905-707-1129.ALL READINGS MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE by PAYPAL or E-TRANSFER

Healing/Chakra cleansing

Email to to schedule an appointment.
Address will provide in the email. For all in person readings, more details will be prepared in advance. Deposit will be deducted from the reading charges.


For Skype readings, add Skype ID: Visionarygu Gu. ALL READINGS MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE by PAYPAL or E-TRANSFER or CREDIT CARD.

(Personal or Astrology)

Email to Subject: Email reading. Reply within 3 days ALL READINGS MUST BE PAID IN ADVANCE by PAYPAL or E-TRANSFER or CREDIT CARD.

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